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2019 :^)

Posted by itsMKOR - January 21st, 2019

5969572_154812872771_howdy.png   I haven't made an update on this account since September of 2016- shortly after purchasing my iPad Pro to replace my previous iPad Mini which I slaved away using my finger to doodle all my art with before shattering it inside my bookbag. No- I haven't shattered my iPad Pro, (for now,) and this isn't an update about me being gone for a couple of months. It's kinda just a sit-down and type away reflecting on work. I'd say from my Pyrocynical work I've improved tons. I'm no longer focused on drawing from the neck and up and instead have opted to draw poses that make it to where I don't need to worry about hands. So that's pretty cool, I still need to work on anatomy, muscles and such but c'mon give me a break here- I draw anime tiddy, not the Mona Lisa.





  5969572_154812915891_howdy.pngNow a whole week into my second semester in college I think I finally got this ability to manage posting content online while not feeling like I have no time for anything at all- it's pretty aight. I got done posting Yummy Yucky, a drawing that begun back on January 7th, so that's neat. I'm trying to not beat myself up too hard with my inconsistent art post schedule and just get back to having fun doing it. In reality, me posting my OC's have been that. From drawing Yuki and Gia it's motivated me to improve but also motivated me to do art at all. But I want to go back to my roots and make some fanart again, having an idea and being passionately driven to perfect it out of love and dedication- while yeah I can do that with my OC's it cuts out the step of having to think and worry about ruining designs I haven't even settled on. 



I'll be attempting to post bi-weekly or so updates but don't hold me accountable. They'll be way shorter and maybe with a small sketch or work in progresses and such- not sure yet.

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Oh, also I need to work on mastering how to work Newgrounds blog options to better optimize these post. Huh.