Entry #3


2016-09-03 14:06:27 by itsMKOR

It's been a while since I've posted any art on here, but fear no more children for I am back. So I'll give you a basic rundown: my tablet's touchscreen was broke. That's about it. I couldn't draw on it or else it'd freak out and start responding as if I had all my fingers on the screen. So I was saving up for a replacement and it just came in yesterday. To begin again, I drew Pyrocynical, which I've been planning to do for a month or two but the broken tablet doesn't help. So now I should be back in full swing! Thanks for reading.


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2016-09-17 05:55:29

Good news! Been wondering about your art descriptions - what's with the bumble bee references? Something relevant to each picture would be more interesting to read you know, about the motive, what it means etc. ;)

itsMKOR responds:

Good question, I was adding the 'bumble bee reference' (The Bee Movie Script) to my descriptions as a kind of joke, while I was uploading all my previous art onto my profile. I felt that most people probably wouldn't read or look for a description, so I wanted to 'reward' those who did. But I do plan on adding a proper description for the following and more recent drawings!


2016-09-17 12:22:28

It'd be more of a reward with an actual description IMO. ;) But good explanation, thanks. Good to know there will be more!